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Friday, April 28, 2017

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NGMA Bengaluru - Auditorium Events


The NGMA and the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore cordially invite you to talks on Contemporary Art in Public Spaces

On Sunday, 4th November 2012 at 5:30 p.m.

at the Auditorium, NGMA Bangaluru

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NGMA Bengaluru, in association with the Toto Funds the Arts, is organising a second lecture of the series 'Creative Journeys' by Sunil Shanbag

on Saturday, 15th December 2012 at 5.00 pm.

at the Auditorium, NGMA Bangaluru

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NGMA Bengaluru in association with the Toto Funds the Arts is pleased to invite you to the inaugural lecture of the seres Creative Journeys
by Gieve Patel

on Friday, 14th September 2012 at 6:00 p.m.

at the Auditorium, NGMA Bangaluru

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NGMA Bengaluru is organising a lecture and book launch by artist V. Ramesh at
NGMA Bengaluru

6.00 pm.  |  29th April 2012
The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) Bengaluru, in collaboration with GALLERYSKE, is presenting a talk by the artist Sudarshan Shetty, followed by a conversation between the artist and Aveek Sen.

6.30 pm.  |  20th December 2011
Indian Art and Issues of Curatorship by Richard Blurton, Curator, British Museum, London, at the NGMA auditorium

6.30 pm.  |  15th November 2011
Talk by the artist Seema Kohli titled Brace Embrace at NGMA Bengaluru

6.30 pm.  |  11th November 2011
The Splendor of Ranakpur Temple by the art historian and scholar Dr. Saryu Doshi
at the NGMA auditorium

6.30 pm.  |  4th November 2011
NGMA Bengaluru has organized outreach programmes during the period of the exhibition An Artist’s Quest: KK Hebbar – A Retrospective. For the docent walks and the workshops, please register by mailing to ngma.bengaluru@gmail.com

From 21st August to 20th October 2011
The National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Bengaluru has organized a condolence meeting to pay homage to the celebrated artist M.F. Husain

6.00 pm  |  25th June 2011
Talk related to the exhibition Homai Vyarawalla: Women in Field by Annapurna Garimella

6.30 pm  |  4th June 2011
Stimulus for the programme: The exhibition Homai Vyarawalla – a retrospective
War and Forgiveness: Process and storytelling with photography by Ryan Lobo

6.30 pm  |  21st May 2011
NGMA Bengaluru and Intach celebrates World Heritage Day through Art and Architectural Restoration A Dialogue in Renewal and Reuse.

6.00 pm  |  16th April 2011
NGMA Bengaluru and SPACES Chennai hosts Remembering Dashrath Patel 1927 – 2010.

6.30 pm  |  12th March 2011
NGMA Bengaluru hosts a talk by Prof. B.V. Doshi on Revitalization of the Rur-Urban Galaxies

6:00 pm  |  18th Jan 2011
The talk is part of the CoLab-Goethe Lecture series on practices in Contemporary Art & Architecture.
NGMA Bengaluru in collaboration with Gallery Ske hosts talk by eminent artist Subodh Gupta

6:00 pm  |  20th Dec 2010
NGMA Bengaluru in collaboration with Mahua Art Foundation invites you to a slide lecture Serpent Motifs in the Ritual Art Forms of the West Coast – in Myths, Legends and Folklore by Shri Balan Nambiar.

6:00 pm  |  3rd Dec 2010.
NGMA, Bengaluru invites you to a slide lecture Miniature As Style A Small Revolution? by Dr. Annapurna Garimella.

6.00 pm  |  13th August 2010
NGMA Bengaluru in collaboration with Mahua Art Foundation invites you to a slide lecture Stupa Song by Vikramajit Ram.

6.00 pm  |  28th August 2010
NGMA Bengaluru invites you to the lecture Art Like Science Knows No Boundaries: Homi Bhabha and the World of Art by Dr. Indira Chowdhury.

6:00 pm  |  28th Sept 2010
NGMA Bengaluru in collaboration with Gallery Sumukha invites you to a slide lecture Cinema Verite Redux by Shaheen Merali.

5:30 pm  | 16th June 2010
NGMA Bengaluru invites you to a lecture on Lines of Control talks about the evolution of typographical print to military map in late 19th century Mysore by Dr. Janaki Nair.

5:30 pm  |  22nd May 2010


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