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Friday, April 28, 2017

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NGMA Bengaluru
Notification for Extension of last date for submission of Tender No. NGMA/BLR/Cafeteria/F.16/Vol.II/2016-17/4979 dated 27.06.2016 for operating Cafeteria at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru, on leave and license basis.
Notification inviting Tender for operating Cafeteria on Leave and License basis. For details please see the attached Notification.
Tender Notice No. NGMA/BLR/Manpower/F.167/2015-16/4756 dated 28th January 2016 inviting Technical & Financial Bids for providing Manpower Services for the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru, from registered Manpower Service Providers/Organisations based in Bangalore, as per the details attached
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Tender Notice No. NGMA/BLR/SECURITY/170/2015-16/4707 dated 01.01.2016 for rendering Security and Surveillance services for NGMA Bengaluru.
Tender Notice No. NGMA/BLR/HK/F.171/2016-17/4706 dated 01.01.2016 for rendering House Keeping Services for NGMA Bengaluru.
Tender Notice No. NGMA/BLR/Manpower/2015-16/4500 dated 26th September 2015 for manpower services
at NGMA Bengaluru
Re-tender Notice in the NGMA Bengaluru
Tender Value for Security and Surveillance contract

Tender Notification NoNo. NGMA/BLR/Security/ 2014-15/ 3910 dated: 25.10.2014 for Security and Surveillance services.

Tender Notification NoNo. NGMA/BLR/HK/ 2014-15/ 3911 dated: 25.10.2014 for Housekeeping services.



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