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    Dr. Shashi BalaCurator011-23071005

    The Director,
    National Gallery of Modern Art,
    Ministry of Culture, Government of India
    Jaipur House, Sher Shah Road
    New Delhi 110003
    Telephone Number : 011-23386111

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    Outreach Programmes

    National Gallery of Modern Art
    (Ministry of Culture, Government of India) On Occasion of

    a virtual exhibition and a short video 'Namaste Yoga' on 21st June 2020
    Dhyana means contemplation, reflection" and "profound, abstract meditation". The root of the word is Dhi, which in the earliest layer of text of the Vedas refers to "imaginative vision". This term developed into the variant dhya- and dhyana, or "meditation". Dhyana is taken up in Yoga exercises and is a means to samadhi and self-knowledge. The international yoga day commemorates this eternal science and practice of Yoga that originated in India 5000 yrs ago. The whole world has identified YOGA and practices of Dhyana to India and also practices its various forms. The exhibition Dhyana from the permanent repository of the National Gallery of Modern Art showcases YOGA and DHYANA practices and its association through modern art by various artists. As you flip through the pages of this virtual exhibition you will find the correlation, coexistence, and influence of this ancient tradition on the art of many artists. For many artists their art practice itself is a DHYAN or meditation for them, the purest form of this and a level of highest consciousness is present on their canvases.
    a short video 'Namaste Yoga', to do yoga at home during these difficult times of COVID 19-fight against the pandemic with good health, mentally and physically.
    The video will be live on 21 June 2020, 9.00 am on ngma social media pages and website.

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