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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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The Gurus

The teachers were immensely known for their contribution in the art education. They were not only prodigious teachers at the art schools but were profound philosophers and GURUS in many ways. Their zest and motivation were highly influential which nurtured many new artists for generations. Teachers like Shankar Palshikar and D G Kulkarni (fondly known as Deezee) are still remembered by their disciples like Prabhakar Kolte, Kashinath Salve and Paul Koli and further Vasudev Kamat and Anil Naik.

Shankar Palshikar

Three Graces, Oil On Canvas, 140 x 160 cms

D G Kulkarni

Holi, Water Colurs, 20 x 30 cms

Prabhakar Kolte

Untitled, Acrylic on Paper

Kashinath Salve

Meditation 1982-83, Mixed Media on Canvas, 77 x 79 cms

Paul Koli

Rolling Balls 1976, Aquatint, 21 x 28 cms

Sambhaji Kadam

Portrait 1972, Oil Painting, 30 x 101.6 cm

D B Bele

Green Field 1984, Oil on Canvas, 72.5x92 cms

Pratibha Wagh

Flame Of Freedom 1997, Coloured Ink on Paper, 37 x 376.2 cms

Vasudev Kamat

Agni Tatwa 1997, Oil on Canvas, 30 x 91.4 cm

Vasant Sonawane

Humming Over The Soaring Forms 1981, Oil on Canvas,122 x 122 cms

Anil Naik

Portrait of M.F Hussain, Acrylic on Canvas, 140 x 110 cm


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