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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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The vocabulary of art in search of abstract modernism in India has a profound trail which became volatile post independence. The legendary artists V.S. Gaitonde, Shankar Palshikar, D.G.Kulkarni and K.K. Hebbar were extensively experimenting with forms and colours to bring the purity on the canvas. A new wave of art was taking shape with another group of artists like Raza, Souza and Hussain which enveloped many young artists. A significant work series of these artists brings in the modern history of India at National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai. The trail was now a multi fold path around 70s and 80s which included artists like Prafulla Dahanukar, Prabhakar Barwe, Laxman Shreshta, Jehangir Sabawala, Gieve Patel and Tyeb Mehta.

The sincere efforts and practise by these artists influenced many young artists of the next generations. The NGMA-Mumbai has collection of various art works in diverse mediums and styles.

Prafulla Dahanukar

Painting No.1, 1984, Oil on Canvas, 75 x75 cms

Akbar Padamsee

Metascape, 1984, Oil on Canvas, 182.5 x122 cms

Ram Kumar

Painting 1979, Oil on Canvas, 140 x152 cms

Shankar Palshikar

Colour and Sound-III, Oil on Canvas, 76 x 127 cms

K. K. Hebbar

Freedom, 1972, Oil on Canvas, 152 152 cms

Prabhakar Kolte

Untitled, Water Colours on Paper, 45 x 45 cms

V. A. Mali

Smoking Tibetian Woman, Pastels, 95 x 75 cms

V.S. Gaitonde

Untitled 1957, Water Colours on Paper, 35 x 35 cms

K.H. Ara

Flowers, Water Colours on Paper, 24 x 48.2 cms


Statue with Flower Pot, Water Colours on Paper, 60 x 50 cms

S.H. Raza

Place of Worship, Gouache on Paper, 28 x 48.6 cms

Prabhakar Barwe

Echoes in Blue, 1969, Oil on Canvas, 121 x 90 cms


Holi, Water Colours, 20 x 30 cms

V. K. Wankhede

Yellow Work, Water Colours, 36 x 101.6 cms

Jehangir Sabawala

Impending Storm 2000, Oil on Canvas, 77 x 153 cms

Tyeb Mehta

Figure in Greenish Colour, Oil on Canvas, 150 x 125 cms

K. G. Subramanian

Blue Studio, Oil on Canvas, 184 x 115 cms

Laxman Shrestha

Abstract IX, Oil on Canvas, 173 x 208 cms

M. F. Hussain

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 155 x 105 cms

Gieve Patel

Lngra Mangoes, Acrylic on Canvas, 152 x 122 cms

Chivax Chavda

Riksha Boys (Java), 1958, Oil on Board, 74 x 61.5 cms


Bindu, Oil on Canvas


Head, Oil on Canvas, 65 x 50 cms

Chivax Chavda

Spinner, Oil on Board, 73 x 87 cms

Shankar Palshikar

Sinners’ Divine, Water Colour Gouache on Paper, 60.9 x 73.6 cms


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