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Friday, September 18, 2020

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Mahadeo Vishwanath Dhurandhar

Born in Mumbai (then Bombay) Dhurandhar spent his childhood in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He was inspired by paintings and posters of Raja Ravi Varma and water colours of Abalal Rehman. He studied at Sir J.J.School of Art and hold various responsible posts at the art school. He was noted academician, made art in watercolour, popular postcard and illustration. He extensively painted realistic portraits and social life giving characteristic blend. Influenced by Western art realism Dhurandhar excelled in drawings, portraits and landscapes. His love for customs and life of people around him is prominently seen in his works. Minute details, soft renderings and fresh colour schemes were some of the characteristics of Dhurandhar’s works. Winner of many prestigious awards, Dhurandhar was awarded ‘Raobhadur’ by British Government.

M. V. Dhurandhar

Portrait of Vishwanath Dhurandhar, Oil on Board, 40 x32 cms

M. V. Dhurandhar

Portrait of Narmada Dhurandhar, Oil on Board, 40 x 32 cms

M. V. Dhurandhar

Poster of Railways, Water Colours on Paper, 55 x 37 cms

M. V. Dhurandhar

Poster of Railways, Water Colours on Paper, 55 x 37 cms

M. V. Dhurandhar

Poster of Railways, Water Colours on Paper, 55 x 37 cms


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