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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Carmel Berkson

Carmel Berkson belongs to New York. Qualified as a majors in history at Duke University and sculpture at Colombia University. Berkson arrived India for first time in 1970 to have captivated by the ancient traditions and method of sculpture making on her trip to Ajanta, Ellora, Elephanta and Mahabalipuram. Soon after, she gave up her training as sculptor in US, opting to travel extensively photographing these sites in India. Carmel’s shift to India in 1977 took her to study this country in depth. An interest in artistic and aesthetics of art compelled her to write intensively on Hindu temple and sculpture. Carmel left for America after forty years of her life spent in India studying sculptural forms found on temple walls, cave temples and so on. Carmel last exhibited her sculptures at the National Gallery of Modern Art in 2011. She donated 38 sculptures that make a part of permanent collection at National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai.

Carmel Berkson

Mahishamardini, Bronze, 14x 10x 12 cm

Carmel Berkson

Two Birds, Bronze, 11x 7x 14 cm

Carmel Berkson

Garuda Battles Serpent (Naga), Bronze, 11x 5x 12 cm

Carmel Berkson

Krishna & Satyabhama seek the Parijata tree, Bronze, 12x 9x 14 cm

Carmel Berkson

Laxmi & Vishnu as Mara & Horse, Bronze, 10.5 x8.5 x14 cm

Carmel Berkson

Garuda Battles Serpent (Naga), Bronze, 12x 9x 13 cm

Carmel Berkson

Yajanavaraha, Bronze, 8.5 x 8x 18 cm

Carmel Berkson

Abstract Form, Bronze, 12x 8x 10 cm

Carmel Berkson

Subramanian Vadvanal, Terracotta, 14x 7x 19 cm

Carmel Berkson

Krishna Suborders Kaliya, Terracotta, 13x 10x 12 cm


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