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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Abdul Rahim Appabhai Almelkar
10 October 1920- 12 December 1982

Abdul Rahim Appabhai Almelkar is well known for his own distinct ‘Almelkar style’ inspired by Indian miniatures. He studies at Nootan Kala Mandir Bombay,started by G.S. Dandivati math between 1935 to 1940. In early days of learning he was influenced by works of Bendre and Langhammer. He won the Governor’s award at Bombay Art Society exhibition in 1948. In 1954 he won the Gold Medal of Bombay Art Society. This was followed by series of prestigious awards such as Art Society of India in 1955, Lalit Kala Academy Award in 1956 and 1960. Around 20 gold medals and 24 silver medals were awarded to the legend for his incredible art and 44 solo exhibitions at his credit which were not only in India but in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Ceylon.  Almelkar created his paintings by making a skillful use of luminous colours and decorative elements in a variety of compositions preferring khaki mountboard to canvas. Many times he applied colours with his fingers instead of brush. Texture created by jute, comb and rags was the hallmark of Almelkar’s style. The Indian villages full of diversity and rich culture along with nature, birds and animals proved to be an added inspiration for Almelkar to paint pictures.

Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar

Untitled, Ink on paper, 20 x 25.5 cm

Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar

Untitled, Ink on paper, 23 x 28 cm

Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar

Genda, Ink On Straw Board, 38 x 33 cm

Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar

Chutta, Ink On Straw Board, 32 x 43 cm

Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar

Mera Ghar, Ink On Straw Board, 38.5 x 32.5 cm

Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar

Preparation, Water Colour, 50 x 66 cm

Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar

Jamalpur, Water Colour, 32.5 x 45.5 cm

Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar

Hanuman, Water Colour, 32 x 50 cm

Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar

Dwarpaal, Water Colour, 32 x 50 cm

Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar

Turban (Rajasthani), Water Colour on Paper, 35 x 29 cm

Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar

Out for big Game, Water Colour, 50 x 66 cm

Abdulrahim Appabhai Almelkar

Deer (heeran), Ink On Straw Board, 64.5 x 32 cm


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