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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Shankar Palshikar

Shankar Palsikarís art reflected his collating mentors N S Bendre on techniques and bold strokes of colours. His work describes his expression and discussions with western and miniature paintings. He moves away to bold brushstrokes post 1950s from his flat, linear sensitive line and motifs engulfing in Sinners Divine. As further he incorporates a philosophical approach towards deformed patches on the canvas.

One of the master artists from Bombay Group, Palshikar sensitively worked in new concepts of abstract art. Born in Bhandara District of Maharashtra, Palshikar faced a turmoil financial childhood. Having begun with his life as an art student at the age of 25, Palshikar was one of the fortunate students of Jerard, Nagarkar,Y.K.Shukla, Ahiwasi, Hebber, Fernandes and Dhopeshwar at Sir J.J.School of Art. Palshikar was a great painter, a sensitive philosopher, a passionate teacher and received a great respect not only from his students but also from his contemporary artist friends.


E= Mc2, Oil On Canvas, 161x161 cm


Colour And Sound - III, Oil On Canvas, 76x127 cm


Sinners Divine, Water Colour Gouache On Paper, 60.9x73.6 cm


Three Graces,Oil On Canvas, 140x160 cm


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