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...in the seeds of time
19th January 2009
tracing the history and evolution of modern art in India from the collection of the National Gallery of Modern Art

'... In the seeds of time' traces the trajectory of modern Indian art from the colonial encounter from the 18th century to current trends in the 21st century. The history of the development of modern Indian art is both complex and chequered. Art has developed in tandem with the exigencies of a region and nation constant evolution; the artists responding to the socio-political and economic tenors of each decade with alacrity. The potency of Indian art stems from its ability to include and adapt jail the diversities that it encounters rather than exclude on the basis of claims to purity. Indian art from every region is an amalgam of different locals that are now globally experienced and shared with remarkable developments in information-technology and web-based sharing. The NGMA is proud to share the most important works that are markers in the exciting journey of Indian art.
Amrita Sher-gil
The Ancient Story-Teller
Bhupen Khakhar
Man with Bouquet of Plastic Flowers
S H Raza
Jeram Patel
Karl Antao
Frozen Porcupine and smoking Donkey

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