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    Benodebehari Mukherjee (1904 - 1980) - Early Works
    Centenary Retrospective Exhibition curated by Gulammohammed Sheikh & Siva Kumar
    New Delhi: December 30th 2006 - February 11th 2007


    Text - R.Sivakumar GM & Nilima Sheikh
    Identification of Japan trip photos - Omuka Toshiharu Tsutomu Mizusawa
    Design and formatting of CD - Pushkar Nagwekar, Kinjal Vora, Sukhdev Rathod, Sanjoy Kumar Malik
    Voice - Indrapramit Roy

    If Santiniketan marked a definitive shift from the early nationalist art identified with the Bengal School, Benodebehari played a leading role in extending theideological and linguistic directions of the movement and privileging direct visual response to the life of the region. He eschewed the overt symbolism andmythologies which engaged his elders and contemporaries and turned to the representation of immediate environment.

    Participation in the formulation of Santiniketan’s pan-Asian orientation brought a gradual assimilation of the representational and compositional principles ofcalligraphic painting and its concomitant world view into his work. This synergy he brought to his perception of the Santiniketan landscape and life therein – in his drawings and sketches, unfolding scrolls and remarkable murals. The highpoint of his personal effort to extend national boundaries was a sojourn to Japan he undertook in 1937. He was eager to see the works of artists like Toba Sojo. Sesshu and Sotatsu whom he greatly admired. He had an exhibition of his work in Tokyo in 1938 and also met artists Arai Kampo and Takeuchi Seiho, art historian Saichi Taki and museum director Akiyama.

    Biribhum landscape
    tempera on cloth
    36.8 x 26.7 cm., early 1920s
    Laughter, tempera,
    54 x 33 cm., c. 18922-23
    Studio, tempera on paper,
    36.1 x 23 cm, mid 1930s
    The Bridge
     tempera on cloth
    47.5 x 60 cm, 1932
    The Tree Lover
    tempera on paper,
    73.7 x 40 cm, 1932
    Sar Grass
    tempera on paper
    29.5 x 51 cm., 1938
    Khoai, scroll in water colour
    on Nepalese paper,
    43 x 373 cm., c 1938
    Khoai (detail 1)
    Khoai (detail 2)
    Banaras ghat
    water on paper
    30.5 X 30.5 cm. 1942
    Banaras Ghat 2
    watercolor on Nepali paper
    Benodebehari in Japan with
    (l to r) Yukihiko Yasuda,
    Ryuzo Saito, Kanpo Arai, 1937.
    Benodebehari in Japan with
    (l to r) Seison Maeda, Kanpo Arai,
    Picture Dealer's Shop in Japan
    water colour on silk, 1937-38
    Benodebehari with Rasbehari
    in Japan with unidentified
    hosts, 1937.
    water colour & ink on paper
    36 x 52 cm, early 1940s
    ink on paper, 1942
    31x61.5 cm
    Pages from sketchbook
    water colour on paper
    24x18 cm1942

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