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    Virtual Galleries - Abstraction in Contemporary Indian Art
    In India, abstract art was not so much a culmination of a logical process in the development of the vocabulary of art, but more a search for purity of line, colour and form by artists in the 50s and the 60s.

    The late Vasudeo S Gaitondeís introspective nature found the engagement with colour and texture- uncluttered by content or narrative Ė a satisfactory way to deal with his canvas surface. A Zen like contemplative approach informs his canvases. The two other artists who approached the pictorial space as if it were a philosophical engagement are Jeram Patel and late Nasreen Mohamedi. Whereas Patelís statement is boldly assertive with a richness of tone, Nasreen Mohamediís drawings reveal an austere aesthetics that permits no excess.

    There are many artists who, from landscapes, moved towards abstractions. Ganesh Haloi of Calcutta readily comes to mind. Many of the artists close to the Progressive Artists Groups and Syed Haider Raza, a founder member of the PAG, experimented with abstraction from the 70s onwards. Their new orientation was not devoid of philosophical questions relating to the nature of the image.

    Works of Krishen Khanna, Jehangir Sabavala, Ram Kumar, Akbar Padamsee, Jagdish Swaminathan, Eric Bowen, Mona Rai, Biren De, GR Santosh, OP Sharma, Soha Qadri, SG Vasudev, Prabhakar Koltís and V Viswanadhan which find prominent place in the NGMA, are exemplary.

    The collection of abstract art at the NGMA showcases the diverse use of material, colours, forms and textures. Moreover, it ranges from ascetic simplicity to a rich sensuousness in mood and imagination.

    Jeram Patel

    Contours, Blow torch on wood, 122X91 cm

    Eric Bowen

    O.G.+3 S.Q., Acrylic on board, 60X60.3 cm

    V S Gaitonde

    Painting, Oil on canvas, 101.3X178 cm

    Ram Kumar

    Oil on canvas, 84X152.5 cm

    Krishen Khanna

    Ink on paper, 51.5X38 cm

    Nasreen Mohamedi

    Drawing IV, Ink on paper, 51X51.5 cm

    Akbar Padamsee

    Metascape III, Oil on canvas, 152X152.5 cm

    Biren De

    Genesis, Oil on canvas, 182.5X121.5 cm

    S H Raza

    Untitled, Oil on canvas, 50X99.1 cm

    S G Vasudev

    Tree of Life, Oil on canvas, 90X90 cm

    P Sharma

    Mandala in Black, Oil on canvas, 84X92 cm

    G R Santosh

    Untitled, 127X148 cm

    Jehangir Sabavala

    Trapped Lake, Oil on canvas, 150X100 cm


    Acrylic on cavas, 101.3X178 cm

    Mona Rai

    Illustrated, Mixed Media Manuscript, 107X72 cm


    Red Painting, Oil on canvas, 120X120 cm

    Prabhakar Kolte

    Untitled, Watercolour, 90X70 cm


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